EOSREAL: Code of Conduct
EOSREAL is prepared to be devoted to improving EOS community transparency and integrity. Therefore, EOSREAL here presents our Code of Conduct to EOS token holders and other community participants for consideration.

EOSREAL is dedicated to building an EOS community for global users, especially for the underprivileged population to protect their life, liberty and property. We know clearly that it is the GOVERNANCE that makes EOS blockchain the most attractive decentralized platform, and therefore have been focusing on the improvement of EOS decentralized governance system. We actively participated in every procedure of EOS governance-related work, including revising, reaching consensus through coordinating and educating the public. To firmly support the EOS governance, EOSREAL will abide by the strictest ethical standards and integrity, and further help the whole EOS ecosystem for compliance.

Code of Conduct

Abide by All Applicable Governance Requirements
EOSREAL, as a firm supporter of EOS governance, will commit to uphold and abide by all the applicable governance rules written in the community’s agreed upon Constitution, BP Agreement, Arbitration decisions, etc. We will never compromise to act against these governance rules or support any act by others in the community that undermine the credibility and effectiveness of the governance framework. We will abide by, follow and enforce all arbitration decisions that are enacted in a timely manner, and will actively report any violence to arbitrators to improve the integrity of the EOS governance.

Financial and Operational Independence
EOSREAL will maintain full financial independence. We commit that there will be no outside investor who may control or have substantial impact on EOSREAL operating process. We also commit that there is no ownership stake of EOSREAL that is held by any individual or entity that holds vested interest stakes in other block producers. All EOSREAL’s decisions are based solely on the ultimate benefits of EOS community and token holders.

Ownership Disclosure
EOSREAL will always abide by the highest transparency requirements among the community. EOSREAL will issue a periodic report to fully disclose its ultimate benefit owners and related party, including:  Parties that have control or joint control  Ultimate controlling parties  Parties that have significant influence  Parties acting in concert  Other related block producers of the same group (which means that each parent, subsidiary and fellow subsidiary is related to the others)  The entities that have transactions with EOSREAL

Financial Transparency
EOSREAL will hire a third-party independent auditor to audit all the financials and publish the audited financial reports to the public for monitor and review. The financial reports will include but not limited to the following information:  The funding sources  The EOS tokens as block producing rewards  The EOS tokens as community vote rewards  Fluctuation between EOS tokens vs Fiat money  The use of block producing rewards in Fiat money term  The compensation to team members in Fiat money term

Continuous Contribution
We will always put the EOS network benefits to our top priority. No more than 10% of the block rewards will be distributed to the team for EOSREAL personnel compensation. EOSREAL will first use the block rewards to cover the physical operating costs (servers, broadbands, hosting, outsourced 24X7 maintenance services etc.), those operating costs will not include team members compensation. The remaining BP rewards will be used to develop/help the community projects, EOS governance, EOS community and EOS DAPPs.