EOSREAL Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Disclosure
EOSREAL will be supportive for any measures to improve transparency and integrity of EOS governance. We will work on continuously and extensively on EOS governance and compliance issues with our professionalism and knowledge.

Full Disclosure of Ultimate Beneficial Owner and Related Party
EOSREAL does not have outside investors. EOSREAL is internally funded and fully independent without any investors. All the funds of EOSREAL are internal from team members. The team provide initial operating budget of $250k from member’s own savings. EOSREAL is operated under Live Coins Limited, which is a Cayman Islands limited company. There is neither outside investor who may control or have substantial impact on EOSREAL operating process, nor is there any ownership stake held by any individual or entity that holds vested interest stakes in other block producers. EOSREAL is the only business that Live Coins Limited is currently operating for. Live Coins Limited is 100% owned by Goldpebble Research PTE.LTD., and Yifeng Mao holds 100% ownership of Goldpebble Research PTE.LTD.

Operating Entity of EOSREAL: Live Coins Limited

Location: Cayman Islands

Address: 20 Maxwell Road, #09-17, Singapore

Other Business: There is no other business of Live Coins Limited than EOSREAL

Outside Investors of EOSREAL: No outside investors over Live Coins Limited

Invested in Other BPs: N/A

Interest in other BPs: N/A

Other Related Parties: Goldpebble Research PTE. LTD.

Relation with EOSREAL: Several members of EOSREAL and its operating entity GPEX PTE. LTD. work for Goldpebble Research at this moment

Brief Introduction about Goldpebble Research: Goldpebble Research is a financial technology company focusing on building investing edge with proprietary quantamental data technology. EOSREAL will not participate in any collusion behavior with other block producers or run more than one BP nodes. Following is the related parties’ information disclosed about EOSREAL: